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No matter how prepared you are, dealing with the passing of a loved one is never easy. Aside from the obvious necessity of making funeral arrangements, you find that the “to do” list keeps growing and you quickly become overwhelmed. You receive conflicting advice from your friends, neighbors, the lady who does your hair and your 3rd cousin.

This is a time when promptly contacting a professional to help you navigate this journey is critical.  My office can help you...

  • Decide whether probate is required or whether you may transfer assets through an alternative means.
  • Choice the correct time period for filing income tax returns.
  • Decide whether a Federal and/or state estate tax return is required.
  • Find an appraiser and determine which assets need to be appraised.
  • Prepare all necessary probate filings, if probate is required.
  • Through the maze of stock transfers in order to distribute assets.
  • Value securities and other estate assets.
  • Decide whether to distribute assets in-kind or in cash.
  • Find counsel in other states for foreign probates.
  • Maintain a distance from decisions which may give rise to inter-family squabbles.

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